Event - honoring "He is always with us"

Захід- вшанування «Він завжди з нами»
21-12-2021 | 11:00:00

An event in memory of the outstanding writer and public figure "He is always with us" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Volodymyr Korolenko's death will take place in Poltava
Date and time:
December 24, 2021,
the grave of V. Korolenko ("Peremoha" Park), writer's estate (house of literary exposition)


14:00 Laying flowers to the grave of the writer V. Korolenko (territory of the park of culture and recreation "Victory"). A word from the museum's leading researcher Ludmyla Olkhovska (about the history of burial (1921) and reburial (1936) of the writer's ashes), a moment of silence.
14:15 Performances of invited guests in the literary part of the museum-manor of the writer (1 Korolenko str.):
1. Introductory speech by the director of the museum Olha Tenytska.
2. Speech of Maryna Gryniova- the rector of PNPU ​​named after V. Korolenko .
3. Composition "Amazing pages of V. Korolenko's biography". Editing from the speeches of the museum's researchers about Korolenko's youth in political exile in Yakutia.
4. "Paths to Christmas with V. Korolenko" - speech of Mykola Yaroshenko - guide of the museum of I. Kotliarevskyi .

5. Literary and musical part:
-laureate of the annual city award named after V. Korolenko, People's Artist of Ukraine Herman Yurchenko (concert host and performer of musical works)
- Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Sulaeva
-winners of International and All-Ukrainian competitions: Kateryna Yurchenko, Victoria Bovtyk, Dmytro Sokolov, Eugene Prysyazhniuk
-Ella Trusova -  teacher of Poltava Professional College of Arts. M. Lysenka
Mykhailo Kosenko Honored Artist of Pop Art of Ukraine

Biographical information: Volodymyr Korolenko - an outstanding writer, publicist, humanist of the mid-XIX - early XX centuries, public figure and journalist. He was born on July 15, 1853 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine.
 In 1871, the young Korolenko entered the Institute of Technology in St. Petersburg, which could not be completed due to financial difficulties. In 1874 he transferred to the Land Ownership Academy in Moscow, where he studied on a scholarship. Due to his participation in populist movements in his youth, he was expelled and deported to Kronstadt. In 1877 he returned to St. Petersburg and entered the Mining Institute. Around the same time, his literary career began.
Volodymyr Korolenko spent almost six years in prisons and in exile.
The most fruitful years for the writer were 1885-1895. Korolenko's real triumph was the release of his best works, Makar's Dream (1885), In Bad Company (1885), and The Blind Musician (1886).
Until 1900, the writer lived in St. Petersburg, where he wrote several short stories.
Volodymyr Korolenko returned to his homeland in 1901. He settled in Poltava, where he lived with his wife and two daughters until the end of his days. In recent years, he has been working on an autobiography entitled The Story of My Contemporary.
V. Korolenko died on December 25, 1921 in Poltava. The cause of death was pneumonia.

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